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Kathryn Taubert: Links

Purchase copies of Kathryn's books and CDs. Her books are also available in E-book format, as well as "text to voice" for the sight-impaired. Her songs can also be downloaded individually in Mp3 format.

High-Note Multi-Media Music Store

Featuring two of Kathryn's most popular jazz standards, "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?" and Tres Palabras (Without You), on Jazz Café 4, now available in Taiwan and China through HighNote Multi-Media Corporation's Music website.

High Note Multi-Media Corporation

Kathryn recently signed with High Note Multi-Media to release one song from each her of CDs on their "Jazz Cafe' 4" album to be distributed throughout Taiwan and China.

"The High Note Corp. is opening up a whole new market for the Great American Songbook," she says. "Our countries may not always agree on things, but with music as a universal language, it’s another bridge between us. I’m proud to be some small part of that.”

Kathryn's Naples (Florida) Daily News Blog

Kathryn writes a weekly blog for the online Naples Daily News in Southwest Florida. "Life in The Slow Lane" is about everyday events and people with which everyone can identify. Funny, sometimes poignant, tongue-in-cheek, and even a little edgy now and then, Kathryn's literary style has been compared to Andy Rooney and Maureen Dowd. Regular readers of "Life in the Slow Lane" are often invited to contribute possible topics for the blog. Kathryn also contributes the occasional "hard news" article to the News publications as well. "I was a writer before I was a singer," says Kathryn, "and this is almost like going home." I'm having a great time." Sign up on for the mailing list on this website for regular notifications of her published works.

Buy Kathryn's 2008 CD: "Somewhere In Time" by D and M Records!

Click on title to order your copy of Kathryn's 2008 CD: "Somewhere In Time," at the D and M Records website, featuring fabulous new arrangements of old standards, with Kathryn's original lyrics to such classics as "Somewhere In Time" and "Clair de Lune", vocal duets, swing, jazz, sambas, and more.

The Bob Hardin Show
Bob's "Life in the Slow Lane" segment airs at 7:33 a.m. every Friday morning, when Bob and Kathryn discuss her latest blog topic. You can hear these interviews live or online at The Bob Harden Show website.
Buy Kathryn's 2007 CD "Where Can I Go Without You?"
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The Jig Is Up Irish Music Band

If you love Irish music with it's high-stepping, foot-stomping jigs and haunting ballads sung by a wonderful Irish tenor, you'll love the CD, First Steps, performed by The Jig Is Up and released in 2011. Five fine musicians flawlessly perform the 15 favorites on this CD as well as any I've ever heard. Check out their performance schedule around the Houston area or purchase their CD at this website. I'm proud to say that one of the band members, Judd Heartsill, is family!

Buy Album or Individual tunes at
KATHRYN TAUBERT: Somewhere In Time
Kathryn's Facebook page
Independent Artists Company
Woody Brubaker
My good friend and colleague Woody Brubaker, arranger, composer, consummate musician. He does it all. I know cuz I work with him, and he also arranged several tunes for my last CD as WELL as accompanied me! GO there!
Bill Cherry
Bill's referring to himself as piano tuner is tantamount to Einstein suggesting that he "fiddled around a little with numbers." Bill, a published author, radio and tv personality, businessman and musician, was Kathryn's mentor at the beginning, helping secure her first professional gig in 1966 at the Lookout Room in Galveston's exotic Flagship Hotel on the Pier. Bill is a man of many talents, with a vitae in music (among other things) that found him playing some of the most famous 5 star dining rooms thoughout the USA. Bill now lives in Dallas, and performs his piano wizardry only on a part-time basis, but his influence is still very much felt nationwide. And the pianos he tunes are very, very happy.
Bill Cherry vitae
"Einstein" revealed here.
Florida Backroads Travel
Check out my friend MIke Miller's blog if you have any interest in checking out Florida's most interest highways, biways, backroads, history and events.
"The Virtuoso", a novel by George P. Walmsley

A new novel by my good friend George P. Walmsley, "The Virtuoso," is a labor of love, taking place in New York, and the Big Easy, New Orleans. In George's words, "The Virtuoso" is a mainstream contemporary novel laced with the struggles and ambivalence of a young man's desire to be a jazz musician and the forces that move him in another direction - toward the classics. How this dilemma resolves itself and the escapades along the way and beyond will both rouse, yet soothe your quest for escape from the mundane! "The Virtuoso" is also love story as well as a story with scarlet moments of lust from that oldest story of all - the story of human frailty against the spear of temptation." Check it out!!

Some of Kathryn's Favorite Charities
Kathryn believes that those who have the ability, time and resources to do so have a willing obligation to "give back." She spends a great deal of her time volunteering in causes from animal welfare, developmental disabilities, the environment, among others. Below are some of her favorite charities, but by no means the only ones she endorses and supports.
Danbury Animal Welfare Society, Inc
The website of a very special group of animals, and people, in southwestern Connecticut. The largest totally volunteer owned and operated animal welfare organization in CT, with a stand-alone shelter and many local programs, Kathryn spent many heartwarming hours socializing abused dogs, and serving as President. She learned that donations to this "no-kill" shelter do precisely what "DAWS" claims they do.
Doctors Without Borders
An incredible group of clinicians who risk their lives to provide medical care to people in places of which many in the USA have never even heard, much less seen. Treating people without regard to race, nationality, creed, color, or socio-economic status, this organization was also a favorite charity of Kathryn's late husband, Capt. Al Taubert, who, as a Pan American World Airways commercial airline pilot, saw many of those places Doctors Without Borders goes. Al's positive influence on the lives of those around him was profound, enduring, and an example to all who knew him.