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Kathryn Taubert: Music

"The Very Thought of You" from CD: "Somewhere In Time"

(Kathryn Taubert, vocal; keyboard Stu Shelton; tenor sax: Woody Brubaker)
October 1, 2008
Music & Lyrics: Ray Noble
This lovely tune was suggested for the CD by Jim Janson. Since it was also among my parents' favorites, it was an easy choice for my CD: "Somewhere In Time."

Two of the nicest people I ever met, my folks gave me "roots and wings."

Mother introduced me to music and books. My Dad taught me how to reach beyond myself and believe that I could do anything I dreamed of doing.

They were always my two biggest fans. Even before I was a singer. I didn't realize just how important those things really were until much later in life.
I'm still realizing it.

Nancy Wilson's version of this song includes this verse, and I liked it so well I decided to do it too. She was, and is, one of my favorite vocalists. And this song was made for Woody Brubaker's tenor sax.

Maestro Woody Brubaker is a multi-talented arranger/composer/conductor/musician with whom I work frequently, and this is yet just another example of his many fine musical talents.
stay tuned for lyrics