When I was a little girl in my hometown of Galveston Island, Texas, the theme song of our local TV station was this beautiful song.

With sounds of seagulls and ocean surf in the background, it would introduce us to the day and put us to bed at night with its haunting melody. (We added recorded sounds of gulls and surf in our version as well.)

While conceiving the idea for my 2008 CD: "Somewhere In Time," the words of this song, yet written, began to come to me while listening to Roger Williams wonderful rendition of Clair De Lune."

I wondered, yet again, why no one before had ever turned this beautiful classic into lyrical love song?

People ask me where I get the lyrics that I write.

I believe it's the song itself that tells me what it wants to say.

Stu Shelton's magnficient arrangement & piano accompaniment, and Woody Brubaker's masterful flutes in our version of this song bring it together in away I could never have conceived alone.

When Stu first suggested the "slow Bossa" tempo, I thought "Oh no! Not THAT way."

But when he played it for me, I was hooked. Just goes to show you that the singer does not always know the song (smile).

The collaboration of musicians who play instruments and vocalists who carry theirs "on board" is paramount to making a really good tune work.

Stu heard what this tune was telling him it wanted to be rhythmically.

I heard the words it wanted to say.

Between us, and with Maestro Woody Brubaker's incredible Alto and C Flute accompaniment, I like to think that this version of Clair De Lune is happy with itself (smile.)

I have dedicated these lyrics not only to my hometown of Galveston Island, so recently devastated by a terrible hurricane, but also to my beloved late husband: Capt. Al Taubert, Jr. Friend, lover, companion, confidante', teacher, coach, mentor and all-around great guy, he gave me the best 12 years of my life so far. Albert was one of the finest people I ever met, and I was blessed to have in my life for as long as I did. I shall always be grateful to him for sharing so much of his life with me in so many ways. And for helping me go on, in spite of his loss, with his wonderful philosophy of life: No matter what life throws at you, "Press On."

Albert was a Pan American Airways airline pilot, whose worldview was as vast and generous as anyone I'd ever met. He, quite simply, helped open my eyes.

For my hometown that has lost so much, and for my dear Albert, who found what so many seek: serenity, love, and peace of mind,

"Clair De Lune" is for you.


stay tuned for lyrics