As I write this, my dear friend and colleague, Claude Rhea, lay in a coma in a nearby hospital.

Claude Rhea, the wonderful pianist/composer who accompanies me in this beautiful tune, is my musical mentor. He's the one who convinced me to get back into the business and to record my first CD in 2007.

Together, Claude and I recorded four songs together on my CDs, after having worked together for more than three years in Florida in nightclubs and private parties.

Claude, a self-taught pianist of the "old school" of music, became a dear friend as well as a colleague. He gave me good advice so often about my music, and encouraged me when I thought my time to sing had long past.

I owe him much of what I have accomplished these last few years, and a debt of gratitude I shall not forget.

This wonderful song by Michel Legrand and the Bergmans is, once again, one of those that is often requested in our performances. Our friend Jane Sita suggesed it for my CD: "Somewhere In Time."

The lyrics ask the seminal question, and the melody speaks to the wonderings of the heart.

It's the last thing my dear friend Claude and I recorded together. You can see photos of Claude and I in the Photo section of this website.


stay tuned for lyrics