Some years ago I had a spirited disagreement with a loved one, got in my car, and headed West from Connecticut where I lived at the time, to "who knows where." (Driving has always been therapeutic for me.)

Just outside of Harrisburg, PA, I turned around and headed back, having spent the last hour or so listening to the Mel Torme, Cleo Laine version of this song in my car CD player.

I knew I wasn't REALLY going anywhere for long, and replaying this tune over and over again convinced me. I just couldn't wait to get back.

At that time, I never had any idea I'd be singing again, much less writing lyrics. But here it is. I never quite forgot that particular little journey, short as it was. And when I wrote these scat lyrics, I had that trip in mind.

It's not all that important that I was in a car instead of a train. You get the idea.

Rick Howard contributed to the scat lyrics, singing it from "the guy's point of view," and the rest, as "they say," is history.

We had a lot of fun with this and hope you do too. Like so many tunes artists perform, there often is a "real story" behind them.


stay tuned for lyrics