Tom Jobim teamed up with Brazilian poet and diplomat Vinicius de Moraes to provide the music for the play, Orfeu de Conceição (1956).
"Someone To Light Up My Life" (Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Você) was the most popular song from the show.
A beautiful song of love, loss and longing, there's a hint of my own life experience in my slightly revised lyric in this version.


Go on your way with a cloudless blue sky above.
May all your days, be a wonderful song of love.
Open your arms and sing of all the hidden hopes you ever treasured.
And live out your life in peace.

Where shall I look for the love to replace you.
Someone to Light Up My Life.
Someone with strange little ways,
Eyes like a blue autumn haze.
Someone with your laughing style, and a smile that I know will keep haunting me endlessly.

Sometimes in stars and the swift flight of seabirds,
I still catch a moment of you.
That's why I walk all alone.
Searching for something unknown.
Searching for something and Someone To Light Up My Life.