Of all the stories in my life I could tell, this is among the hardest to put into words.
And so, I put it to music, instead.
Harold "Buddy" Knox, to whom this song is dedicated on my CD, quite simply, saved my life.

After the sudden death of my husband Jim in 1983, after only three and a half years of marriage, it was Harold who pulled me kicking and screaming back into life. With his help, I learned that the loss of one love doesn't preclude the finding of another.

Sadly, Harold passed away much too young, at only 52 years of age.

You may recall the wonderful movie of the same name, with the lovely Jane Seymour and everyone's "Superman,"
Christopher Reeve. A love story spanning generations between two people who simply were born at the wrong time, but who, eventually, found each other again. If only for a while.

This is the first time that I know of in which this song has been recorded with lyrics and distributed by a record label. It's a popular, haunting melody that is often requested in performances. I like to think that it was waiting for me to write its lyrics. I'm honored to introduce them on my 2008 CD: "Somewhere In Time."


stay tuned for lyrics