I had to do at least one "New York song" on my CD, "Where Can I Go WIthout You?"

I spent 26 wonderful years in the Greater New York area, and while the move to Southwest Florida was a good one for me, I'll ALWAYS love New York.

Rick Howard and Stu Shelton collaborated on the arrangement of this Peter Nero tune from the movie of the same name.

Rick demonstrates his notable talent for "Scat", and Stu's virtuoso organ solo make this rendition a virtual showcase for the talents of these fine musicians.

I incorporated a lyric from a Mel Torme version into the second chorus, making the last tune on this 2008 CD release a nod to "The City," one of my favorite arrangers/vocalists, and some of the fine musicians with which I have been privileged to work.


New York on Sunday, big city takin’ a nap.
Slow down it’s Sunday
Life’s a ball, let fall right in your lap.
If you’ve got troubles,
just take them out for a walk.
They’ll burst like bubbles
In the fun of a Sunday in New York

You can spend time without spending a dime
watching people watch people pass.
Later you’ll pause and in one of the stores,
There’s that face next to yours in the glass.

Two hearts stop beating
You’re both too breathless to speak.
Love smiles her greeting
Then the dream that has seen you through the week,
Comes true on Sunday in New York

Torme version:
So you can take a short nautical break,
They’ve got boats by the lake for hire.
If there’s a storm you just make it on home and get cozy and warm by the fire.

By monday morning you’ve both agreed it was fate.
As day comes dawning if you can’t pick the spot or set the date,
You met on Sunday in New York.