I just can't do a CD or a performance without at least one Jobim tune. Undoubtedly one of the greatest composers in my lifetime, his words and music never fail to make me feel good.

Ironically, the lyrics to this song are really very sad. But the melody makes one feel so good that most artists record it in an "upbeat" fashion, as we did here.

My dual vocal track is a page taken out of Sergio Mendes' wonderful arrangements. And you'll note that you can actually hear the TWO separate vocals. I didn't want to merely record one and copy it into the recording. I wanted "stereo" for real. We left a few imperfections in it for realism. For example, a word in one track may be slightly behind that same word in the other. That proves it's "for real" and not merely a duplication. Guitarist/vocalist Rick Howard does things with his voice in the Scat solo that you won't hear anywhere else since Mel Torme.

And of course, the Maestro Brubaker puts it together an arrangement, along with his keyboards skills, that simply can't be beat.


stay tuned for lyrics