Mercer wrote the lyric in the 70's, but it wasn't published until after his death, when Manilow wrote the melody. I first heard this tune just after its introduction in 1984, not long after the sudden loss, in a previous October, of someone very dear. I was so incredibly moved. I told myself that someday, I would record this song.
It's the opening song on my 2007 CD, "Where Can I Go Without You."
Note Stu Shelton's almost classical piano interpretation in this version.


And When October Goes,
The snow begins to fly.
Above the smokey rooms,
I watch the clouds go by.
The children running home beneath a twilight sky.
Oh for the fun of them,
When I was one of them.

And when October goes,
The same old dream appears,
And you are in my arms,
To share the happy years.
I turn my head away to hide the helpless tears.
Oh how I hate to see October go.
I should be over it now I know.
It doesn't matter much how old I grow.
I hate to see October go.