From the multi-talented Peggy Lee, the title song on my 2007 of the same name, this tune illustrates Lee's songwriting talent.

I first heard this song when my friend and Florida musical mentor, Claude Rhea played it for me on a "gig" we were working together. He said to me: "You need to learn this song, Kathy" (he's one of the only people who could call me "Kathy" and

And so I did. It soon became one of our favorites.

Between Peggy Lee's melody and lyrics, and smooth jazz recording Artist/songwriter Claude Rhea's wonderful piano interpretation, this song has also become one of my personal favorites as well. Claude's subtle, yet unmistakeable keyboard style makes him not just a wonderful performer in his own right, but a true "Singer's Pianist" as well.


I went to London town
To clear up my mind.
Then on to Paris
For the funI I could find.
Found that I couldn’t leave
My memories behind.
Where Can I Go Without You?

Tried seeing Singapore
But that didn’t do.
Went to Vienna
And I found you there too.
Even in Switzerland
Your memories came through.
Where can I go without you?

I wanted travel, I wanted romance.
I chased the rainbow across the sea.
I’m tired of faces
And quaint old places
If you can’t be there with me.

Back on the boat
And farewell to France
Farewell to London town,
They haven’t a chance.
I’d trade the sights I’ve seen
For one loving glance.
Where can I go without you?