The incomparable Stu Shelton whose piano genius is heard throughout my CDs suggested this tune for "Somewhere In Time."
And since Michel Legrand is another of my favorite composers, it was an easy choice. This tune isn't often recorded by a vocalist, because of its intervalic complexity (lots of "ups and downs"). I was honored that Stu believed I could do it.

As with all the Bergmans' lyrics, this song also has a wonderful message, said in the style of which I am most fond: lyrics that are not only intelligent, but intelligible. Words and music together make the song for me, and this song has the best of both.

Note especially the incredibly simple, yet haunting piano work by Stu Shelton here. His deceptively simple arrangement belies the complexity of this tune. His musicianship, is, quite simply, an artform itself.


staye tuned for lyrics